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How we are different

Traditional advisors at banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies get paid in every which way possible, including from many of the products that they recommend.  At Maci we only get paid from you, our client.  We make it very easy and cost effective to access an informed third party point of view, even if it’s regarding just one specific issue.  We enable you to have an independent financial coach in your corner whenever and wherever you need one.  We help families make better financial decisions and act with rare levels of confidence inspired by a simple yet proven process.  Below are some other ways we differentiate ourselves from some of our competitors:


  • We give our clients the flexibility to keep their assets at virtually any bank, brokerage firm or financial institution of their choosing.  This flexibility gives us incredible negotiating power that often results in much better execution prices, lower commission rates, lower borrowing rates, better service and lower overall costs for our clients.  

  • We are not affiliated with any banks, Trust companies, brokerage firms, or insurance companies. We are completely private, independent, agnostic, and we have nobody to answer to except for our clients.

  • We do not pay or accept any referral fees for any of our services (since that would be a  conflict of interest).

  • Unlike most financial  firms & advisors, we have a legal fiduciary duty to put our clients best interests ahead of our own best interests at all times.  

  • We try to always avoid buying any investment products that people (or entities) get paid to sell, since we strongly believe that the best investment products do not have to pay anyone to distribute them.

  • We do not sell or get paid to sell anything, ever.     

  • We do not accept any form of compensation (including meals, trips & gifts) from anyone other than our clients.

  • Since we get paid 100% directly from our clients (and nobody else) our loyalty and allegiance is always 100% with our clients, and not with any banks, brokerage firms, or insurance companies.

  • All the savings, discounts and additional services that we negotiate for our clients are passed 100% on to them.

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